Peel shrimp FASTER

  • Many times faster than hand peeling, a single Jonsson machine can peel up to 6,000 shrimp per hour. That’s 100 shrimp per minute!
  • Faster peeling means shrimp move to additional processing quickly with less possibility of time and temperature abuse.
  • Lead time for producing finished product is reduced, therefore allowing quicker response to customer demand.

Peel shrimp BETTER

  • Enjoy having a more uniform, better looking end product. Because each shrimp is cut to the exact same depth, size variations are not a factor.
  • Enjoy having a cleaner product. Because less handling of product is necessary, the risk of contamination is reduced. Lower bacteria counts mean a better quality product.
  • Because there is less damage than typical of hand peeled product, your shrimp will be more valuable.

Peel shrimp CHEAPER

  • Jonsson systems peel more shrimp in less space than any other method, which may eliminate the need for plant expansion.
  • Jonsson systems provide a high yield of both perfectly peeled shrimp and product weight.
  • Jonsson systems are easy to operate.
  • Because equipment costs are constant, extending the workweek or adding shifts may offer additional savings.


  • Low investment with high returns make Jonsson systems cost effective even where labor costs are low and capital costs are high.
  • As labor supply is unpredictable, costs are likely to increase and conversely, as equipment costs are retired, fixed costs decrease. By mechanizing your peeling operation with a Jonsson system, you can turn volatile production costs into predictable, stable and decreasing total costs.
  • The sooner you install a money saving Jonsson system, the sooner you will realize savings and maximize profits.

Peel any STYLE

  • Jonsson systems peel and devein many styles of shrimp leaving the tail on, such as round, butterfly split, and western style.
  • Jonsson systems will peel tail-on round style without removing the vein too.
  • Jonsson systems will also completely peel and devein, without leaving the tail segment on.

Peel any KIND

  • Jonsson systems peel any kind of raw, fresh or previously frozen shrimp;
  • all warm water species, pond raised or wild,
  • freshwater or ocean, and providing superior results every time.
  • If you can peel shrimp by hand, you can peel them faster and better using a Jonsson system.

Peel any SIZE

  • Jonsson systems peel shrimp as large as 10 count headless, that’s 10 per pound, and
  • as small as 71/90 count.
  • Depending on the style being processed, no machine adjustment may be required for peeling different size shrimp.


  • Jonsson systems are ideal for peeling any quantity of shrimp.
  • In the U.S., if your staff spends more than 12 hours a week peeling by hand, a Jonsson machine may save you money.
  • If you peel thousands of pounds an hour, Jonsson systems are the only systems capable of peeling different styles and providing the greatest yield.
  • Modular design permits easy, economical expansion as needs grow.