Compact Shrimp Peeler

Our smallest Jonsson machine

Designed for lease in the U.S. for restaurants, seafood markets, and other food service operations with limited floor space

  • It is compact and mobile.
  • If your staff spends more than 12 hours a week peeling shrimp by hand, this is the machine for you.
  • Peels and deveins nearly all styles and sizes, up to 3,000 shrimp per hour.
  • Takes less than 4 square feet of space, push it in a corner when not in use, ideal for seafood restaurant kitchens.
  • It is completely self contained and has modest electric, water, and drainage needs.
  • Peel all these styles: tail-on round, butterfly split, completely peeled (tail off), and E-Z peel style as pictured below.
  • Peel raw, headless shrimp as large as 10/15 to as small as 71/90 count (number per pound).
  • Save money and have a better looking product too.
  • If you have space, a full sized Jonsson system may be more cost effective.

Calculate Your Savings

How peeled By hand  By machine
number of pounds peeled per week
average size of shrimp (number per pound)
approx. hourly rate including taxes, benefits $
number of shrimp peeled per hour
this is the production hours required
cost of labor $ $
cost of equipment, when leased 160
cost of peeling per week $ $
dollars saved $
percent of savings %

In all cases, a well a trained staff with some experience is assumed and shrimp is readily available or is being supplied to the peelers.

Some inspection of machine peeled shrimp is usually desirable and inspection of the output of the compact machine is not considered a full time job.

1 Assumes 6 shrimp per minute when peeling by hand, each person, 60 minutes each hour.

2 Assumes 80% loading at the faster speed for 50 minutes each hour, 1-½ people.

Installation, freight, initial charges, and taxes, if any, are not included in weekly equipment cost.

  • The larger the shrimp, the greater the productivity in pounds.
  • Production will be less than machine speed because of the time required to empty peeled shrimp and shell boxes.
  • Column 1 shows the maximum machine speed of 3,000 per hour.
  • Column 2 shows actual, achievable, experience based productivity of 2,000 per hour.

Our compact peeler incorporates the latest design improvements. In addition to being more effective in removing the vein, it is easier to change peeling styles and less costly to maintain.

Outside the U.S., the Jonsson compact shrimp peeler has also been successful in kitchens with limited space and where automation is practical.

However, when space permits, a Basic System is usually a better choice for anything close to full time operation. 

Here’s why. A Basic System costs about 1-½ times as much as a compact peeler yet does twice the production. The full sized peelers are easier to operate and maintain. The Basic System is also much easier to expand when needs permit.

Water: 35 to 45 gallons per hour at 30 to 50 psi pressure, Floor drainage nearby is required.

Electricity: Standard electric is 115 volt, 60 Hz. The ⅓ rd hp motor draws 5.6 amp. Can be wired for 220 volt, 50 Hz.

Weight: 325 pounds net, 420 shipping

Have space for a stationary system?

A Jonsson Basic System may save you even more.

The Basic System is perfect for any model Jonsson peeler and when your peeling volume is large enough, can save you even more time and money. Compared to our production systems, it takes only 12 square feet of floor space and is suitable in locations with limited floor or head space.