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Please check the styles you will want to peel?

Completely peeled, tail offTail on round, peeled and deveinedTail on peeled, not deveinedTail on 2 to 4 style, peeled, partially deveinedTail on butterfly split, peeled and deveinedTail on gradual cut, peeled and deveinedTail on western style split, peeled and deveinedE-Z peel style, deveined, not peeled

Please check the sizes of raw, headless shell on shrimp you are interested in peeling.

Under 10 count or over 40 grams10/15 count or 40 grams16/20 count or 25 grams21/25 count or 20 grams26/30 count or 16 grams31/35 count or 14 grams36/40 count or 12 grams41/51 count or 10 grams51/60 count or 8 grams61/70 count or 7 grams71/90 count or 6 gramsover 100 count or smaller than 6 grams

If you are interested in receiving a copy of a personalized breakeven analysis, please be sure you checked some of the relevant check boxes above and indicate your labor costs below.

Hourly labor costs including taxes, benefits, etc and currency.


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