Q. Will a Jonsson system really work as you claim? In other words, will the quality be acceptable.

A. First of all, most of our business is repeat business and many people would expect repeat business as a good testimonial to the success of a product. Here is another example. A few years ago, a new customer ordered a four unit system. The following year added eight more units. Two years later, they more than doubled the size of the system by adding 14 more Jonsson peelers to their processing plant. Since Jonsson systems worked for them, they will work for you too.

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Q. Are the production figures accurate?

A. Rather than just showing machine speed, we show experienced based productivity which varies with each model. You can achieve this production rate with a crew with some training and experience.

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Q. Will a Jonsson system work for me?

A. We will do everything we can to ensure that you are have complete success. Nobody knows more about our equipment or has more experience than we do.

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Q. Can I really peel any size shrimp?

A. Yes, Jonsson systems can peel any size from 10/15 to 71/90 count (shrimp per pound, headless) with equal effectiveness and with little machine adjustment for size. When peeling round style, Jonsson systems cut a uniform depth from the back (or dorsal side) of the shrimp, regardless of shrimp size. When peeling butterfly split style, shrimp are cut a uniform distance from the belly side – again, regardless of shrimp size. In short, no matter what peeling style is selected, the unique Jonsson design automatically compensates for size differences.


Q. Is there any damage to the shrimp?

A. When the system is properly operated and maintained, damage is no greater than typically results from hand peeling.

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Q. What kind of yield can I expect?

A. Yields are equal to or may even surpass the best hand peeling. As an example, when peeling some styles, particularly completely peeled and deveined style, yields are typically greater because more shrimp meat is recovered from the tail, and less meat is lost with vein removal.

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Q. Why do you claim that shrimp peeled by Jonsson systems look better than hand peeled?

A. The shrimp look better because Jonsson peeling is far more uniform than hand peeling. A patented cutter and guide system assures that each shrimp is cut precisely down the center – far more accurately than is possible by hand. Every shrimp, every time!


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Q. How much space does a Jonsson system require?

A. Our smallest system for part-time use requires just 4 square feet of floor space. Our larger systems for full-time use are quite flexible, and can be arranged to fit in almost any available space. What really matters is this: A Jonsson system enables you to peel more shrimp in less space than any other peeling method.

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Q. What must I provide?

A. Jonsson systems require water supply, a floor drain, electricity, adequate lighting and space.

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Q. What if my volume requirements increase?

A. No problem. Jonsson systems are modular in design so additional peeling stations can be installed easily as your requirements grow.

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Q. Are Jonsson systems as good as they look?

A. Yes indeed! Jonsson systems are leased in the U.S., and all leases can be cancelled upon 30 days notice. If our systems did not work the way we say, we would be out of business.

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Q. How do I get more information?

A. Contact Us and we will identify the Jonsson system best suited for your shrimp peeling needs.
Please complete the Contact form. The more information you include on our contact form, the more specific our reply can be.

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