Full Size Peelers

For Peeling Larger Quantities

There are 3 questions to answer when selecting or designing a Jonsson shrimp peeling system:

  1. What styles of shrimp do you want to prepare? This will determine what model (or models) you need.
  2. What system configuration is best suited to your needs?
  3. How large a system will you need for your hourly production?

This section deals with the model selection. The next section deals with the system configurations.

To peel these styles:

Select this Jonsson model:

Model 63— Our most popular model.

  • Peel tail-on round style
  • Peel tail-on butterfly, standard
  • Peel tail-on butterfly, gradual
  • Peel tail-on western
  • Completely peeled and deveined (tail off)
  • Completely peeled and deveined split
  • Prepare E-Z peel style
  • Peel raw, headless shrimp as large as 10/15 to as small as 71/90 count (number per pound)
  • Peel up to 5,000 shrimp per hour, per machine

Model 77 — Our newest model.

  •  Behead, peel and devein in a single operation
  •  Peel and devein tail-on round style
  •  Peel tail on butterfly, standard
  •  Peel tail on butterfly, gradual
  •  Peel 2 to 4, or 2 to 5 style
  •  Peel tail-on round, not deveined
  •  Peel up to 5,000 shrimp per hour per machine
  •  Behead and peel head-on shrimp from 10/15 to 36/40 (number per pound)

Tail flippers and adjacent shell segment left on, and the shell is removed leaving the shrimp in perfect condition.

Model 64

Our fastest, simplest, and least expensive model.

  • Peel completely peeled and deveined (tail off)
  • Peel completely peeled and deveined split
  • Prepare E-Z peel style
  • Peel up to 6,000 shrimp per hour, per machine

The cutter is cam controlled so when preparing E-Z Peel style, it will not cut thru the tail shell segment, unless, of course, you want it to.


  • An operator places a shrimp on a tray and the rest of the process is automatic
  • Each model adjusts to every shrimp individually
  • Control uniformity, consistency, and repeatability unmatched by hand peeling
  • Because all the models accept shrimp at a uniform speed, the larger the shrimp, the greater the productivity by weight

Productivity per hour per unit, by model number